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Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter 

A nationwide Charter has been launched for the UK taxi and private hire industry, led by three of the UK’s biggest taxi dispatch software providers Autocab, Cordic and iCabbi.


The 'Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter' asks taxi operators including private hire, chauffeur and executive companies, to register and create a safe and hygienic environment for both customers and drivers. The team at DRIVE are proud to be one of the first operators in Cardiff to sign up for the "Go Safe, Go Taxi" campaign.

As people begin to travel for work and leisure again, safety will be a top priority. However, public transport services have been greatly reduced and those that do run are often over-crowded, particularly in major cities. This makes social distancing when taking the tube, train or bus almost impossible. 


But, with a single driver and passenger to each vehicle for most trips, taxis and private hire vehicles can offer a more socially distanced alternative for those back on the move.


Those adhering to the guidelines in the Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter are guaranteeing a safer way of travelling. The message to the public is simple – ‘Go Safe, Go Taxi’.

Charter guidelines, which operators are being encouraged to display inside and outside of their vehicles, include:

  • Hand sanitisers available to all drivers and customers

  • Drivers to wear PPE in line with the latest government guidelines 

  • Passenger areas of the vehicle to be wiped down and sanitised regularly

  • Vehicles with a shield installed will have it regularly cleaned and sanitised.

To avoid drivers and passengers handling cash, the Charter also contains a point on payments – with operators required to offer the option to pay by card, through their app or other contactless method. At DRIVE we offer contactless payments in every single vehicle, no need to register your card details anywhere, just ping your card against the drivers machine!